21 NCAC 06F .0126          EXTENDED EDUCATION

For the purposes of this Rule, "extended education" is additional coursework beyond the 1,528 hours required to complete barber school, or to initially obtain a license from the North Carolina Board of Barber and Electrolysis Examiners.

(1)           When a barber school wishes to provide extended education, the school shall:

(a)           Submit a proposed curriculum or syllabus that:

(i)            describes the purpose of the instruction;

(ii)           indicates how many students are expected to participate in the instruction;

(iii)          states where the instruction would be provided; and

(iv)          states how many hours of instruction are required or will be provided in the course of instruction;

(b)           Identify the instructors providing the instruction; and

(c)           Submit samples of the advertising or promotion for the program.

(2)           After the instruction has been approved, the barber school shall notify the Board if there are any changes to the instruction, including suspension or discontinuation the class.

(3)           Upon approval, the course offering shall be subject to review of the barber school by the Board inspector. The inspector shall evaluate:

(a)           Whether the school maintains accurate records as to the individuals in the class and the number of hours in the class;

(b)           The presentation of the class;

(c)           Whether the class is offered in classrooms for practical and academic instruction that meet the requirements of Rule .0101 of this Section; and

(d)           Whether the class complies with the requirements of other barber school instruction.


History Note:        Authority S.L. 2022-72, s. 2;

Eff. July 1, 2016;

Amended Eff. February 1, 2023.