21 ncac 10 .0202             APPLICATION FOR LICENSURE

(a)  General.  Application for licensure shall be made in writing upon forms provided by the Board. The secretary shall furnish the necessary forms to prospective applicants upon request.

(b)  Description of Forms.  The written application shall consist of two forms, the Application Form and the Character Reference Form.  The following information shall be required to complete each form:

(1)           Application Form: personal background of the applicant; his educational history; a recent photograph; and a statement confirming that he has read, understands and will abide by the General Statutes and administrative rules governing chiropractic.

(2)           Character Reference Form:  the statements of three persons not related to the applicant attesting to his good moral character.

(c)  Deadlines for Filing Applications.  Applications for the North Carolina examination must be received at the office of the Board no later than 15 days before the scheduled examination dates as provided in 21 NCAC 10 .0203(b).

(d)  Application Fee.  An application fee of three hundred dollars ($300.00) must accompany each application.  This fee shall be paid in cash, or by certified check, cashier's check or money order made payable to the North Carolina Board of Chiropractic Examiners.  Personal checks shall not be accepted.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 90‑142; 90‑143; 90‑143.1; 90‑145; 90‑146; 90-149;

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