(a)  Approval of Seminars.  Only continuing education seminars approved in advance by the Board shall count towards satisfying the requirements for license renewal.  The sponsor and co-sponsors of any proposed seminar shall be responsible for submitting to the Board all the information the Board deems necessary to evaluate the seminar in accordance with this Rule.  An application for approval shall be in writing and shall be submitted at least 30 days prior to the date of the proposed seminar.

(b)  Duration of Approval.  A seminar approval issued by the Board shall expire one year after the date of issuance.  If the sponsor or co-sponsors of an approved seminar wish to repeat the seminar on a date beyond the approval period, a new application shall be submitted to the Board.

(c)  Criteria for Approval.  The Board's criteria for approving continuing education seminars is as follows:

(1)           No practice-building or motivational seminars shall be approved;

(2)           No seminar shall be approved that requires attendees, in order to be able to utilize the information presented at the seminar, to purchase equipment or clinical supplies available only through the seminar's instructors, sponsors or co-sponsors;

(3)           Each seminar subject shall fall within the extent and limitation of chiropractic licensure in this State; and

(4)           Each instructor shall submit a curriculum vitae and satisfy the Board that he is competent to teach the subject or subjects he is scheduled to teach.

(d)  Duties of Seminar Sponsor.  A proposed seminar having been approved by the Board, its sponsor and co-sponsors shall:

(1)           Disclose on all brochures and advertising materials the name and address of each sponsor and co-sponsor and whether each sponsor and co-sponsor is a for-profit or not-for-profit entity;

(2)           Be liable for all expenses incurred in holding the seminar;

(3)           Give timely notice to the Board of any material changes in the seminar, including date, location, subject matter or instructors; and

(4)           Provide an agent at the seminar site who shall:

(A)          Monitor and report the attendance of each person attending the seminar, using a method approved by the Board;

(B)          Provide for the safety and comfort of attendees;

(C)          Supervise the agenda and disallow the presentation of any subject not approved by the Board; and

(D)          Complete and submit to the Board a post-seminar review summarizing any problems experienced and any variance between the application for approval and the seminar as actually presented.

(e)  Sanction for Non-Compliance.  By applying for seminar approval, each sponsor and co-sponsor agrees to admit to the seminar at no charge a representative of the Board for the purpose of observing compliance with this Rule.  If the Board determines that a sponsor or co-sponsor has willfully or negligently falsified the application for approval, or has failed to keep attendance accurately, or has allowed the seminar as actually presented to vary materially from the agenda as set forth in the application, or has willfully failed to adhere to any other provision of this Rule, the Board, in its discretion, may refuse to approve future seminar applications from the offending sponsor or co-sponsor or from any principal who is a partner or shareholder in the offending sponsor or co-sponsor.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 90-142; 90-155;

Eff. January 1, 2004.