Section .0200 - Physical Requirements for Cosmetic Art Schools


21 NCAC 14T .0201 All Cosmetic Art Schools

(a) Cosmetic Art schools must have the following physical departments:

(1) Beginner Department a minimum of 200 square feet with a table or tables and or stands to accommodate at least 10 students and have at least 40 inches between each mannequin. Cosmetic art schools must provide an additional 5 square feet in the beginner department for each student over the maximum of 10. This area shall have at least one mirror of a minimum of two square feet. This area shall be dedicated to the instruction of beginner students;

(2) Advanced Department the clinic floor for performance of all cosmetic art services. Within the clinic area each school shall have:

(A) 48 inches of space from the center to the center of each styling chair, esthetics table or manicuring table;

(B) 24 inches from the center of the chair forward;

(C) 48 inches from the backrest behind the chair to any other styling chair, esthetics table or manicuring table; and

(D) at least 30 inches of space from the back of each styling chair, esthetics table or manicuring table to the wall of the shop.

(3) Dispensary a room or area to organize and maintain supplies, equipment for disinfection of all implements and a sink with hot and cold running water. All cosmetic art schools must have the required equipment to carry out disinfection procedures;

(4) Theory classroom classroom with a minimum of 300 square feet to accommodate a maximum of 25 students. Cosmetic art schools must provide an additional 8 square feet in the theory classroom for each student over the maximum of 25;

(5) Office administrative office for the secure/locked facilitation of student records and files. This office must be outfitted with a minimum of one desk and one chair;

(6) Reception area a reception area for clients to wait prior to receiving services;

(7) Break room for student use;

(8) Restrooms for student/public use;

(9) Locker/dressing room a locker or room for students to secure/lock personal belongings throughout the day; and

(10) All stations must be numbered numerically.

(b) Each cosmetic art school must display a sign in a conspicuous place in the reception area. The sign cannot be smaller than 12 inches by 18 inches, with lettering at least one and one half inches in size and must read as follows: "Cosmetic Art School Work Done Exclusively by Students."

(c) Each of the requirements listed within this Rule must be located within the same building with the exception of the theory classroom which may be located in an adjacent building or another building within 500 feet of the main cosmetic art building.

(d) All Cosmetic Art schools must post hours of operation per cosmetic art discipline and submit this information to the Board. Any changes to the hours of operation must be posted and submitted to the Board. A school will be considered open by the Board when cosmetic art instruction, services or performances are provided.

(e) Cosmetic art schools may not offer student hours or performances unless they are in compliance with Paragraph (a) of this Rule.

(f) All cosmetic art schools must adhere to any federal, state and local government regulation or ordinance regarding fire safety codes, plumbing and electrical work.

(g) All cosmetic art schools must maintain a ventilation system in good working order with temperature control. During school operating hours the temperature must be maintained between 60 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

(h) All equipment in cosmetic art schools shall be in working order; kept in safe repair; and installed in such a manner as to facilitate proper usage.

(i) All cosmetic art school buildings shall be maintained.

(j) All cosmetic art schools must maintain a bulletin board in plain sight of the clinic floor. The bulletin board shall be used to display at all times the Board sanitation rules and the sanitation grade card issued to the school.

(k) All cosmetic art schools must post together the school letter of approval, the school license and all cosmetic art licenses issued to the teachers on staff.

(l) Each room in a cosmetic art school must be labeled according to its assigned purpose.

(m) Each theory classroom shall be equipped with desks or chairs suitable for classroom work and one chair suitable for demonstrating cosmetic art practices.

(n) When a school and a shop are under the same ownership, separate operation of the shop and school shall be maintained and if the school and shop are located in the same building, separate entrances and visitor reception areas shall be maintained and the school and shop shall have separate public information releases, advertisements, names and advertising signs.


History Note: Authority G.S. 88B-2; 88B-4; 88B-16; 88B-17;

Eff. January 1, 2012;

Pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A, rule is necessary without substantive public interest Eff. January 13, 2015.