21 NCAC 16T .0103          INFORMED CONSENT

(a)  To obtain informed consent to a specific procedure or treatment to be provided, the dentist shall discuss with a patient or other person authorized by the patient or by law to give informed consent on behalf of the patient, prior to any treatment or procedure, information sufficient to permit the patient or authorized person to understand:

(1)           the condition to be treated;

(2)           the specific procedures and treatments to be provided;

(3)           the anticipated results of the procedures and treatments to be provided;

(4)           the risks and hazards of the procedures or treatments to be provided that are recognized by dentists engaged in the same field of practice;

(5)           the risks of foregoing the proposed treatments or procedures; and

(6)           alternative procedures or treatment options;

(b)  A dentist is not required to obtain informed consent if:

(1)           treatment is rendered on an emergency basis; and

(2)           the patient is incapacitated.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 90-28; 90-48;

Eff. January 1, 2019.