21 NCAC 21 .0404             REQUIREMENTS

(a)  Each application for renewal shall include information, attested to by the licensee under penalty of perjury on a form provided by the Board and available on the Board's website, establishing that the licensee has completed the minimum required contact hours of approved continuing education, and shall state the following information:

(1)           the licensee's name;

(2)           the licensee number;

(3)           the licensee contact information;

(4)           the name of entity providing continuing education;

(5)           a description of continuing education taken;

(6)           the dates and hours the licensee participated in continuing education; and

(7)           the amount of continuing education credit claimed.

(b)  Each licensee shall obtain 12 contact hours of continuing education during each renewal period. If a licensee exceeds the annual requirement in any renewal period, a maximum of 12 hours may be carried forward to the next renewal period.

(c)  A contact hour is defined as actual instruction time (credited to the nearest one-quarter of an hour) received in-person or through an online class that includes interaction between the teacher and student or through any other similar format.

(d)  In order to meet the requirements of this Section, courses and activities shall be in accordance with the continuing education Guidelines approved by the Board. The Board will provide a list posted on the Board's website of the professional societies whose courses have been preapproved for continuing education credit. Continuing education credit may be earned through any of the following activities:

(1)           teaching or completing for-credit courses at any accredited university or college;

(2)           teaching or completing continuing education courses, seminars, field trips, or workshops sponsored by a professional geological society or an accredited university or college;

(3)           teaching or completing course work sponsored by other professional or educational organizations approved by the Board;

(4)           presenting or attending seminars, workshops, or professional or technical presentations made at conventions, conferences of professional organizations, or at accredited universities or colleges;

(5)           presenting or attending seminars, workshops, or professional or technical presentations made by or sponsored by employers who apply geoscience skills to accomplish their organizational missions;

(6)           a licensee may receive double credits for each hour he or she teaches or presents. Teaching credit is valid for teaching a course or seminar for the first time only; and

(7)           a licensee may receive a maximum of six hours continuing education credit for a published peer reviewed book or article.

(e)  Courses offered by professional societies that have not been pre-approved by the Board may be submitted, by either the licensee or course provider, for review and approval within 90 days before or 180 days after the licensee takes the course.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 89E-4; 89E-5;

Eff. June 1, 2017.