21 NCAC 21 .0406             RECORDKEEPING

(a)  Records substantiating Board-approved continuing education activities shall include the following:

(1)           a log that shows the type of activity claimed; title or specific subject; the name of the organization that provided the continuing education; the location, duration, date, and instructor's or speaker's name; credit hours earned; and other information on a form as prescribed by the Board;

(2)           copies of registration receipts and brochures identifying the continuing-education activities attended by the licensee;

(3)           attendance verification records in the form of completion certificates; and

(4)           other documents that support evidence of attendance.

(b)  The licensee shall maintain records that support the claimed credit hours for Board-approved continuing education activities. These records shall be maintained for a period of three years and copies may be requested by the Board for audit verification purposes.

(c)  The licensee shall provide to the Board's Executive Director electronic copies of the records substantiating the continuing education activities for which he or she is claiming credit.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 89E-4; 89E-5;

Eff. June 1, 2017.