21 NCAC 22f .0203          CONTENT CATEGORIES

(a)  Sessions assigned to Category 1, as described in this Rule, shall satisfy the continuing education requirement for license renewal. Any session not assigned to Category 1 shall not be approved to satisfy the continuing education requirement for license renewal.

(b)  Category 1 is for amplification, hearing rehabilitation, hearing loss, regulations, and consumer-related issues, and shall be assigned to continuing education sessions that are comprised of the following topics:

(1)           hearing aid technology: instrument circuitry and acoustic performance data;

(2)           earmold or shell coupling systems: design, selection, modifications, and ear impressions;

(3)           hearing aid selection procedures, verification, fitting and adjustment techniques, and servicing or repairs;

(4)           aural rehabilitation using amplification: auditory training, hearing aid orientation and counseling techniques, and hearing aid validation techniques;

(5)           biological, physical, and behavioral bases underlying normal and pathological hearing processes;

(6)           detection, assessment, or monitoring of hearing impairment (such as measurement techniques and test interpretation), including intraoperative monitoring;

(7)           cochlear implants or implantable hearing devices;

(8)           central auditory processing;

(9)           assistive listening devices, including FM Systems and ancillary wireless devices;

(10)         techniques for development of speech and language in children with hearing loss, or augmentative and alternative communication strategies for children or adults with hearing loss;

(11)         cerumen management, dizziness, or tinnitus as it pertains to persons with hearing loss;

(12)         hearing impaired consumers' views of the hearing health care industry and consumer complaints;

(13)         infection control issues for the hearing health care profession;

(14)         professional conduct and regulatory issues pertaining to the fitting and selling of hearing aids; and

(15)         hearing aid business practices, such as hearing aid office management, sales contracts, and hearing aid marketing or industry trends.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 93D-3(c); 93D-11;

Eff. September 1, 2013;

Amended Eff. March 1, 2018.