(a) Pursuant to G.S. 93D-5 and G.S. 93D-9, an individual who seeks licensure from the Board shall first complete one full year of apprenticeship, with exception of those applicants eligible for waiver pursuant to G.S. 93D-5(c) or applying for licensure pursuant to 21 NCAC 22F .0123.

(b) In order to complete the one full year of apprenticeship, the applicant shall:

(1) be sponsored by a Registered Sponsor; and

(2) register with the Board by submitting a complete apprentice registration electronic application. The application shall be considered complete upon submission and receipt of the following:

(A) F1 form;

(B) F1 affidavit;

(C) audiometer calibration;

(D) passport style photograph;

(E) background check; and

(F) the application for registration as an apprentice fee as set forth in 21 NCAC 22A .0501(1).

(c) The Board shall accept a digital image of a signed affidavit or other document required as part of an application as the original when submitted electronically in conjunction with the electronic application.

(d) The Board may require supplemental information for applications to determine the qualifications of each applicant for apprenticeship, as set forth in these Rules and in Chapter 93D of the General Statutes of North Carolina. The Board will require supplemental information on a case-by-case basis including issues raised on the applicant's criminal background check or discrepancies in the application. Supplemental information may include letters of recommendation, affidavits, official transcripts, and personal appearances before the Board.

(e) Once an apprentice registration application is complete and approved, the Board shall issue the applicant an initial apprentice registration certificate that allows him or her to perform duties within the scope of practice for a Hearing Aid Specialist under the Registered Sponsor's supervision. The Board shall post all active apprentice information on the Board's website,

(f) An apprentice may elect to take any part of the licensing exam at any time during the apprenticeship by submitting an application for licensure and exam registration as set forth in 21 NCAC 22A .0503 prior to the registration deadline.

(g) An apprentice is under Personal supervision unless and until an apprentice takes and passes Parts A, B, and C of the Board's licensing exam, at which point the apprentice will be under General supervision.


History Note: Authority G.S. 93D-1.1; 93D-3(c); 93D-5; 93D-9;

Eff. April 1, 2014;

Amended Eff. March 1, 2018.