21 NCAC 36 .0202 INACTIVE and retired STATUS

(a) A registrant whose licensure status is inactive and who desires to resume the practice of nursing in North Carolina shall be removed from inactive status and shall obtain a current license. To this end the registrant shall:

(1) submit evidence of unencumbered license in all jurisdictions in which a license is or has ever been held;

(2) submit evidence of completion of all court conditions resulting from any misdemeanor or felony conviction(s);

(3) submit evidence showing that the nurse is safe and competent to re-enter the practice of nursing;

(4) submit the current fee for renewal; and

(5) attest to having completed Continuing Competence requirements and be prepared to submit evidence of completion if requested by the Board as specified in Rule .0232(b) of this Section.

(b) The registrant whose license has been inactive for a period of five years or more shall also submit:

(1) self-certification that the registrant is of mental and physical health necessary to competently practice nursing;

(2) evidence of competency to resume the practice of nursing through:

(A) satisfactory completion of a Board‑approved course; or

(B) an active license in another jurisdiction within the last five years.

(c) If a refresher course is required, the registrant shall apply for reactivation of license within one year of completing the refresher course in order to receive a current license. The application for reactivation shall include verification from the provider of the refresher course that the registrant has satisfactorily met both theory and clinical objectives.

(d) The Board shall decline to reactivate a license if it is not satisfied as to the applicant's competency to practice nursing.

(e) A registrant who has retired from the practice of nursing may request and be granted by the Board retired nurse status, provided the registrant:

(1) holds a current unencumbered license issued by the North Carolina Board of Nursing;

(2) is not currently the subject of an investigation by this Board for possible violation of the Nursing Practice Act; and

(3) pay the application fee pursuant to G.S. 90-171.27(b).

(f) While remaining on retired status, the registrant shall not practice nursing in North Carolina and shall not be subject to payment of the license renewal fee.

(g) The registrant may use the title Retired Registered Nurse or Retired Licensed Practical Nurse once issued retired status.

(h) The registrant whose licensure status is retired shall not be eligible to vote in Board elections.

(i) A registrant whose licensure status is retired and who desires to resume the practice of nursing shall apply for reinstatement of a license to practice nursing and meet the same reinstatement requirements for a nurse on inactive status as set forth in Paragraphs (b)(e) of this Rule.


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