(a)  An applicant whose license has expired and who desires reinstatement of that license shall:

(1)           submit a completed application for reinstatement, stating that the information on the application is true and complete and authorizing the release to the Board of all information pertaining to the application. The Application for Reinstatement is posted on the Board's website at www.ncbon.com;

(2)           have an unencumbered license in all jurisdictions in which a license is or has ever been held;

(3)           attest to having completed continuing competence requirements and submit evidence of completion if requested by the Board, as specified in Rule .0232(b) of this Section;

(4)           have no pending court conditions as a result of any misdemeanor or felony convictions. An Applicant shall provide a written explanation and all investigative reports or court documents evidencing the circumstances of the crime(s) if requested by the Board. The Board shall use these documents when determining if a license should be denied pursuant to G.S. 90-171.48 and G.S. 90-171.37;

(5)           submit such other evidence that the Board may require according to these rules to determine whether the license should be reinstated;

(6)           complete a criminal background check after license has been expired for 30 calendar days in accordance with G.S. 90-171.48;

(7)           self-certify that the applicant is of mental and physical health necessary to competently practice nursing; and

(8)           submit the reinstatement fee, as established in G.S. 90-171.27(b).

In the event any of the above-required information indicates a concern about the applicant's qualifications, an applicant may be required to appear in person for an interview with the Board if more information is needed to evaluate the application.

(b)  A member of the United States Armed Services shall be exempt from payment of reinstatement fee if on active duty and to whom G.S. 105-249.2 grants an extension of time to file a tax return.

(c)  An applicant whose license has lapsed for a period of five years or more shall also submit:

(1)           self-certification that the applicant is of mental and physical health necessary to competently practice nursing; and

(2)           evidence of satisfactory completion of a Board-approved refresher course or proof of active licensure within the past five years in another jurisdiction.

(d)  If a refresher course is required, an applicant shall apply for reinstatement of an active license within one year of completing the refresher course. The application for reinstatement shall include verification from the provider of the refresher course that the applicant has satisfactorily met both theory and clinical objectives and is deemed competent to practice nursing at the appropriate level of licensure.

(e)  Any license issued shall be issued for the remainder of the biennial period.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 90-171.23(b); 90-171.35; 90-171.37; 93B-15; 105-249.2;

Eff. February 1, 1976;

Amended Eff. December 1, 2010; December 1, 2008; January 1, 1996; February 1, 1994; August 3, 1992; January 1, 1990;

Readopted Eff. January 1, 2019.