21 NCAC 52 .0215             LICENSE RE-INSTATEMENT

(a)  A podiatrist whose license renewal has been delinquent for six months following the July 1 deadline of the end of the podiatrist's last renewal period shall re-apply for a new examination. Application shall be made in accordance with the statute and the following:

(1)           re-apply to the Board for licensure as if he or she is a first-time applicant, including the same application, required documents, and application and examination fees, pursuant to Rule .0201 of this Section and Rules. 0601 and .0613 of this Chapter;

(2)           appear before the Board at the same time and in the same place as other license examinees and take the same examination as a first-time applicant, including the practice and ethics examination  pursuant to Rules .0202, .0205, and .0206 of this Section; and

(3)           receive a passing grade in all parts of the Board licensing examination and pay the license certificate fee pursuant to Rule .0613 of this Chapter before being issued a new license certificate and license number.

(b)  A podiatrist whose license has been suspended, put on probation, or has invoked any other form of temporary censure due to disciplinary action in accordance with G.S. 90-202.8 shall follow the instructions related to reinstatement contained in the specific consent order setting forth the provisions of the sanction.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 90‑202.6(a); 90-202.8; 90-202.9; 90-202.10;

Eff. November 1, 2015.