(a)  Prior to the provision of ancillary services by an unlicensed individual, the psychologist supervising or employing the individual shall provide training in and establish that the individual has knowledge and understanding of legal and ethical requirements for maintaining confidentiality, exceptions to confidentiality including mandated reporting of suspected abuse or neglect, and professional ethics, and shall ensure that documentation is maintained in writing that the individual is trained in the aforementioned areas.  Documentation of training shall include the date(s) on which training occurred, the purpose of the training, the identity of the individual(s) providing the training, and the total number of hours of training for each date on which the training occurred.  Training in professional ethics shall include applicable areas of the Code of Conduct contained in the North Carolina Psychology Practice Act at G.S. 90-270.15(a).  Documentation of qualifications and training that occurred prior to the effective date of this Rule shall not be required for ancillary services personnel who were employed prior to the effective date of this Rule and who continue in the same ancillary services position with the same agency or practice.  Training occurring for any ancillary services personnel after the effective date of this Rule shall be documented as described in this Rule.

(b)  Any psychologist supervising or employing an unlicensed individual to provide ancillary services shall provide instruction in and establish that the individual shall have received training sufficient to perform the activities delegated to the unlicensed individual, or otherwise shall ensure that  documentation is maintained in writing that the individual is trained to perform the activities.  The psychologist shall maintain documentation of the employee's or supervisee's training for at least seven years following the termination of ancillary services by ancillary services personnel.

(c)  A psychologist shall not employ or supervise individuals to provide ancillary services who have previously been licensed or certified to practice psychology who have relinquished their licenses or certification or who have had their licenses or certification restricted, suspended, or revoked by the Board in North Carolina or any other jurisdiction.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 90-270.9; 90-270.21;

Eff. April 1, 2003.