(a)  When a psychologist employs or supervises an unlicensed individual that provides only clerical functions, such as responding to telephone inquiries, scheduling appointments, filing insurance claims, typing psychological reports, and completing data entry of test results after a patient or client has responded to such items as questionnaires and forms, the licensed psychologist shall be exempt from the requirements of Rule .2803 of this Section as to these unlicensed individuals.

(b)  Tasks requiring technical skills, training and judgment during execution are appropriate activities in which unlicensed individuals may engage. Examples of these activities include obtaining demographic histories; implementing biofeedback techniques; administering and scoring specific parts of psychological tests, including neuropsychological tests, which are scored on a pass/fail, multiple choice, or true/false basis, or for which scores are based on speed or quantity of performance; administering intelligence tests and other psychological tests to an individual in which the patient or client's performance may alter the length of the protocol, require adjustment of the number of items administered, or require that a decision be made to probe a response of the patient or client provided that ancillary services personnel have been deemed by the licensee to have met the training requirements of the test publisher; and implementing specific behavioral interventions that are part of a treatment plan.

(c)  A dated entry shall be made in the patient or client's records at any time that an ancillary service is provided at the request or direction of the licensee. This entry shall include all ancillary services provided and billed to a third party or paid by the patient or client to the licensee and all ancillary services for which there is no charge. Unlicensed individuals providing ancillary services who make clinical record entries regarding services they provide shall sign such entries and indicate their titles under Rule .2802 of this Section as providers of ancillary services. The psychologist shall ensure that case notes, financial statements, and other records of services identify whether the psychologist or the unlicensed individual was the direct provider of the service.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 90-270.143; 90-270.154;

Eff. April 1, 2003;

Readopted Eff. April 1, 2020.