21 NCAC 56 .0804             ANNUAL RENEWAL

(a)  Renewal.  The certificate of licensure for a business entity, including a professional corporation, limited liability company, Chapter 87 corporation, or business firm shall be renewed annually.

(b)  Expiration.  The certificate of licensure expires on the last day of June following its issuance by the Board and becomes invalid on that date unless renewed.

(c)  Written Application.  Upon written application on a renewal form provided by the Board that requires the physical place of business address and report of disciplinary actions accompanied by a fee of seventy-five dollars ($75.00) the Board shall renew the certificate of licensure providing that the firm has complied with all Rules of the Board and applicable General Statutes of North Carolina.  The form shall be provided to all licensees in good standing no later than June 1st.  The licensed entity shall give notice to the Board of a change of business address within 30 days of the change.  The firm shall give notice to the Board of any disciplinary actions in any jurisdiction on any license within 30 days of the disciplinary action.

(d)  If a firm fails to renew its certificate of licensure within one year of the expiration date, the firm shall submit a new application for a new certificate of licensure in accordance with all requirements of 21 NCAC 56 .0802.

(e)  If any business entity that holds a current certificate of licensure ceases business because the professional licensee receives a waiver from paying the individual renewal fee under 21 NCAC 56 .0506 or 21 NCAC 56 .0607 the annual renewal fee for the business shall be waived for the same time period.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 55B-11; 57C-2-01; 89C-10; 89C-14; 89C-17; 89C-24;

Eff. February 1, 1976;

Readopted Eff. September 29, 1977;

Amended Eff. August 1, 2011; July 1, 2010; July 1, 2009; December 4, 2002; April 1, 2001; February 1, 1996; May 1, 1994.