(a)  The size of a map shall be such that all details are legible on a copy.

(b)  Any lines that are not actually surveyed shall be indicated on the map and a statement included revealing the source of information from which the line is derived.

(c)  All surveys based on the North Carolina grid system shall contain a statement identifying the coordinate system referenced datum used.

(d)  All plats (maps), unless marked as "Preliminary Plat ‑ Not for recordation, conveyances, or sales" shall be sealed, signed and dated by the Professional Land Surveyor and shall contain the following:

(1)           An accurately positioned north arrow coordinated with any bearings shown on the plat.  Indication shall be made as to whether the north index is true, magnetic, North Carolina grid ('NAD 83' and realization (date of adjustment of coordinate system) or 'NAD27'), or is referenced to old deed or plat bearings.  If the north index is magnetic or referenced to old deed or plat bearings, the date and the source (if determined) shall be indicated.

(2)           The azimuth or courses and distances of every property line surveyed shall be shown.  Distances shall be in feet or meters and decimals thereof.  The number of decimal places shall be appropriate to the class of survey required in Rule .1603 of this Section.

(3)           All plat lines shall be horizontal or grid measurements.  All lines shown on the plat shall be correctly plotted to the scale shown.  Enlargements of portions of a plat are acceptable in the interest of clarity, where shown as inserts.  Where the North Carolina grid system is used, the combined grid factor shall be shown on the face of the plat.  If grid distances are used, they shall be shown on the plat.

(4)           Where a boundary is formed by a curved line, the following data must be given: actual survey data, or as a series of subchords with bearings and distances around the curve.  If standard curve data is used, the bearing and distance of the long chord (from point of curvature to point of tangency) must be shown on the face of the plat.

(5)           Where a subdivision of land is set out on the plat, all streets and lots shall be accurately plotted with dimension lines indicating widths and all other information pertinent to retracing all lines in the field.  This shall include bearings and distances sufficient to form a continuous closure of the entire perimeter.

(6)           Where control corners have been established in compliance with G.S. 39-32.1, 39-32.2, 39-32.3, and 39‑32.4, as amended, the location and information as required in the referenced statute shall be shown on the plat.  All other corners that are marked by monument or natural object shall be so identified on all plats, and where practical, all corners of adjacent owners along the boundary lines of the subject tract that are marked by monument or natural object shall be shown.

(7)           The surveyor shall show one of the following where they could be determined:

(A)          The names of adjacent land owners;

(B)          The lot, block, parcel and subdivision designations; or

(C)          Other legal reference where applicable.

(8)           All visible and apparent rights-of-way, easements, watercourses, utilities, roadways, and other such improvements shall be accurately located where crossing or forming any boundary line of the property shown.

(9)           Tie lines as required and defined in Rule .1602(g) of this Section shall be accurately shown on the face of the plat, whether or not the plat is to be recorded.

(10)         A vicinity map (location map) shall appear on the face of the plat.

(11)         Each map shall contain:

(A)          the property designation;

(B)          the name of owner or prospective owner;

(C)          the location (including township, county, and state);

(D)          the date or dates the survey was conducted;

(E)           a scale of the drawing listed in words or figures;

(F)           a bargraph;

(G)          the title source; and

(H)          a legend depicting nomenclature or symbols not otherwise labeled.

(12)         Any map not certified for recording under G.S. 47-30, and all reports of survey, shall contain this certificate signed by the Professional Land Surveyor in substantially the following form:

"I certify that this map was drawn under my supervision from an actual survey made under my supervision (deed description recorded in Book ______, page ______ or other reference source ____________________); that the boundaries not surveyed are indicated as drawn from information in Book ______, page ______ or other reference source ____________________; that the ratio of precision or positional accuracy is ___________________; and that this map meets the requirements of The Standards of Practice for Land Surveying in North Carolina (21 NCAC 56. 1600)."

This ______ day of _______________, 2_____.

Seal                                                                        __________________________________________

Professional Land Surveyor


History Note:        Authority G.S. 89C‑10; 89C-16; 89C‑20;

Eff. July 1, 1989;

Amended Eff. August 1, 2014; May 1, 2009; August 1, 2000; August 1, 1998; February 1, 1996; November 2, 1992; January 1, 1992.