(a)  The Broker-in-Charge Course is a 12-hour educational course that is required for a broker to attain BIC Eligible status under Rule .0110 of this Subchapter.

(b)  In order to receive credit for completing the Broker-in-Charge Course, a broker shall:

(1)           personally perform all work required to complete the course; and

(2)           complete the 12-hour Broker-in-Charge Course no later than 30 days after the broker registers for the course and no later than the following June 10, whichever comes first.

(c)  Upon completion of the 12-hour Broker-in-Charge Course, a broker shall receive four credit hours of elective continuing education. The four credit hours will be awarded in the license year in which the broker completes the 12-hour Broker-in-Charge Course.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 93A-3(c); 93A-38.5; 93A-4.2;

Eff. January 1, 2020;

Amended Eff. July 1, 2022.