(a)  The standards committee shall be notified by a school of its intent to provide a substance abuse specialty curricula.

(b)  Upon notification of the school's intent to provide a substance abuse specialty curriculum, the Board shall inform the school that the following information shall be needed from the applicant school:

(1)           Curricula description including number of hours of substance abuse specific credits;

(2)           Information as to how the educational requirements for substance abuse specialty shall be met within the curricula pursuant to G.S. 90-113.41A(a)(2) a.-k.;

(3)           The names and resume of any faculty who shall be teaching the substance abuse curricula;

(4)           The name of the school in which the substance abuse curricula shall be housed and organizational contact information; and

(5)           Specific guidelines and information on the field experience that shall be required of students including current substance abuse specific field placements and supervision.

(c)  The standards committee shall review curricula to determine if the proposal meets educational, hour, substance abuse specific and supervised experience qualifications.

(d)  The curricula review subcommittee of the standards committee shall present recommendations to the Board.

(e)  The Board shall notify the school of the status of its request and any recommendation.

(f)  The curricula shall be submitted for review every three years.  Application for extension of the curricula shall be made 90 days prior to the current expiration date.

(g)  Individuals applying who have completed a curriculum from a school meeting the criteria set forth in Subparagraphs (b)(1) through (b)(5) of this Rule shall submit an official masters or more advanced degree transcript from the university or college.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 90-113.30; 90-113.33; 90-113.39; 90-113.40;

Eff. August 1, 2002;

Amended Eff. April 1, 2011; January 1, 2010.