(a)  Any credentialing body of a  professional discipline seeking deemed status shall forward to the board a letter of intent with a request for an application to become a deemed status organization.

(b)  The credentialing body shall provide the following:

(1)           Documentation that it meets the requirements of G.S. 90-113.41A;

(2)           A copy of the ethical code and statement, if any, it requires its members to sign indicating that the member will comply with the discipline's code of ethics and any substantiating data that supports the ethical process of the professional discipline;

(3)           If an examination is required by the credentialing body, documentation describing the exam process each applicant must pass in order to be awarded the professional group's substance abuse specialty credential.  If the examination for the specialty is not administered by the professional group, the applicant shall pass the Board's exam for licensure.

(c)  A professional discipline granted deemed status shall provide the name of any member whose credential is revoked, suspended or denied within 60 days from the date of action.

(d)  The professional discipline, to the extent allowed by its governing law shall provide any information requested by the Board that has been submitted to the professional discipline regarding the complaint against its member, subsequent to the disposition of the complaint.

(e)  If no information has been received by the Board within six months, or the Board is not satisfied with the disposition of the complaint, the Board may initiate its own disciplinary action.


History Note:        Authority G.S.; 90-113.33; 90-113.41; 90-113.41A;

Temporary Adoption Eff. November 15, 1997;

Eff. August 1, 1998;

Amended Eff. January 1, 2014.