(a)  The substance abuse professional shall treat colleagues with respect, courtesy and fairness and shall afford the same professional courtesy to other professionals.

(b)  The substance abuse professional shall not offer professional services to a client in counseling or consulting with another professional except with the knowledge of the other professional or after the termination of the client's relationship with the other professional.

(c)  The substance abuse professional shall cooperate with duly constituted professional ethics committees and promptly supply necessary information unless prohibited by law.


History Note:        Filed as a Temporary Adoption Eff. October 23, 1995 for a period of 180 days or until the permanent rule becomes effective, whichever is sooner;

Authority G.S. 90-113.30; 90-113.33; 90-113.44;

Eff. February 1, 1996;

Amended Eff. April 1, 2001.