23 NCAC 02C .0210         Local College Personnel Policies

(a)  Each local board of trustees shall adopt, publish, and implement personnel policies, consistent with all applicable statutes, rules, and regulations, addressing the following issues:

(1)           Adverse weather;

(2)           Annual leave (vacation);

(3)           Drug and alcohol use;

(4)           Civil leave;

(5)           Communicable disease;

(6)           Compensatory leave;

(7)           Definitions of the employment categories and benefits for each:

(A)          Full-time permanent,

(B)          Part-time permanent,

(C)          Full-time temporary, and

(D)          Part-time temporary;

(8)           Disciplinary action addressing suspension and dismissal;

(9)           Educational leave (reference 23 NCAC 02D .0103);

(10)         Employee evaluation process;

(11)         Employee grievance procedures;

(12)         Employee personnel file;

(13)         Hiring procedures (describing procedures used for employment of both full- and part-time employees);

(14)         Leave transfer;

(15)         Leave without pay;

(16)         Longevity pay plan (reference 23 NCAC 02D .0109);

(17)         Military leave (reference 23 NCAC 02D .0104);

(18)         Nepotism (reference 23 NCAC 02C .0204);

(19)         Non-reappointment;

(20)         Other employee benefits;

(21)         Political activities of employees (reference 23 NCAC 02C .0208);

(22)         Professional development;

(23)         Reduction in force;

(24)         Salary determination methods for full- and part-time employees that address at least the following:

(A)          Provisions and criteria for salary determination,

(B)          Requirements for annual salary review, and

(C)          Establishment of salary formulas, ranges, or schedules;

(25)         Sexual harassment;

(26)         Tuition exemption (reference 23 NCAC 02D .0202);

(27)         Sick leave consistent with provisions of the State Retirement system;

(28)         Secondary Employment that addresses conflict with the employee's primary job responsibilities and institutional resources (the local board of trustees shall approve or disapprove any secondary employment of the president; the president or any member of the college's senior administration designated by the president shall approve or disapprove secondary employment of all full-time employees); and

(29)         Shared leave consistent with provisions of the Office of State Personnel (reference 25 NCAC 01E .1301 through 25 NCAC 01E .1307).

(30)         Providing a preference for veterans, as defined in G.S. 128-15, in hiring decisions.

(b)  Each local board of trustees shall submit copies of these policies, including amendments, to the NC Community College System President's office upon adoption.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 115D-5; 115D-20; 115D-25.3;

Eff. September 1, 1993;

Amended Eff. May 1, 2008; May 1, 2005; January 1, 1996.