(a)  The agency shall cite authorities according to the most current edition of the rules of citation contained in "A Uniform System of Citation" except as listed in Paragraph (b) of this Rule.  "A Uniform System of Citation" is hereby incorporated by reference and includes subsequent amendments and editions.  A copy may be obtained from the Harvard Law Review Association, Gannett House, 1511 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138 at a cost of sixteen dollars ($16.00).

(b)  The agency shall cite:

(1)           the General Statutes of North Carolina as "G.S. #";

(2)           the Session Laws of North Carolina as "S.L. 20xx-xxx, s. x";

(3)           an Executive Order issued by the Governor as "E.O. #, (Governor's name), (year)";

(4)           the North Carolina Administrative Code as "(Title #) NCAC (Chapter or Subchapter #) (.####)"; and

(5)           the North Carolina Register as "(Vol. #) NCR (Issue #), (page #)".


History Note:        Authority G.S. 150B-21.17; 150B-21.18; 150B‑21.19;

Temporary Adoption Eff. November 1, 1995;

Eff. April 1, 1996;

Amended Eff. December 1, 2002;

Pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A, rule is necessary without substantive public interest Eff. July 23, 2016.