27 NCAC 01G .0115         Powers and Duties of the Board

Subject to the general jurisdiction of the council and the North Carolina Supreme Court, the board shall have jurisdiction of all matters pertaining to certification of paralegals and shall have the power and duty

(1)           to administer the plan of certification for paralegals;

(2)           to appoint, supervise, act on the recommendations of, and consult with committees as appointed by the board or the chairperson;

(3)           to certify paralegals or deny, suspend or revoke the certification of paralegals;

(4)           to establish and publish procedures, rules, regulations, and bylaws to implement this plan;

(5)           to propose and request the council to make amendments to this plan whenever appropriate;

(6)           to cooperate with other boards or agencies in enforcing standards of professional conduct;

(7)           to evaluate and approve continuing legal education courses for the purpose of meeting the continuing legal education requirements established by the board for the certification of paralegals;

(8)           to cooperate with other organizations, boards and agencies engaged in the recognition, education or regulation of paralegals; and

(9)           to set fees, with the approval of the council, and to, in appropriate circumstances, waive such fees.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 84-23;

Adopted Eff. October 6, 2004;

Amended Eff. March 2, 2006.