30 NCAC 10A .0101          SIGNIFICANT PART

(a)  For purposes of G.S. 120C-100(a)(10)d., a "significant part" of an employee's job duties include lobbying if during any rolling 30 day period either:

(1)           five percent or more of an employee's actual duties included direct lobbying; or

(2)           five percent or more of an employee's actual duties included goodwill lobbying.

(b)  In making this determination:

(1)           The amount of time an employee spends engaged in direct lobbying activities and in goodwill lobbying activities shall not be aggregated; and

(2)           The amount of an employee's time spent on those activities that are otherwise exempt under G.S. 120C-700 shall be excluded.

(c)  Once the amount of time spent by an employee engaged in direct lobbying or in goodwill lobbying during the prior 30 day period equals or exceeds five percent of his or her actual hours worked, the employee must register as a lobbyist within one business day.

(d)  Once registered as a lobbyist pursuant to G.S. 120C-100(a)(10)(d), all payments for lobbying and lobbying services made to the lobbyist during the prior 30 day period shall be reported in the lobbyist principal's 120C-403(d) annual lobbying payment report filed with the Secretary of State.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 120C-100(a)(10)d.; 120C-101(a);

Eff. January 1, 2013.