NCAC Table of Contents
NCAC > Title 08 - Elections
Chapter 01Departmental Rules
Chapter 02Election Protests
Chapter 03Charges Against County Election Officials
Chapter 04Voting Equipment
Chapter 05Modified Full Time Registration System
Chapter 06Partisan Elections
Chapter 07Faxing and Electronic Transfer of Voting Information
Chapter 08The Voting Accessibility for the Elderly and Handicapped Act
Chapter 09Conduct of Vote Recounts by County Boards of Elections
Chapter 10Ballot Rotation Rules For Primary Election Ballots
Chapter 11Procedure For Withdrawal of Approval of Voting System
Chapter 12Rules for Military and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Procedures
Chapter 13Interim Rules
Chapter 14Written Opinions
Chapter 15Rule-Making
Chapter 16Mulitpartisan Assistance Teams
Chapter 17Photo Identification
Chapter 18Absentee Ballots
Chapter 19Reserved for Future Codification
Chapter 20Election Observers
Chapter 21Departmental Rules
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