NCAC Table of Contents
NCAC > Title 21 - Occupational Licensing Boards and Commissions
Chapter 01Acupuncture
Chapter 02Architecture and Registered Interior Designers
Chapter 03Athletic Trainer Examiners
Chapter 04Auctioneers
Chapter 05Behavior Analyst Licensure
Chapter 05Reserved
Chapter 06Barber and Electrolysis Examiners
Chapter 07Cemetery Commission
Chapter 08Certified Public Accountant Examiners
Chapter 09Reserve
Chapter 10Chiropractic Examiners
Chapter 11Employee Assistance Professionals
Chapter 12General Contractors
Chapter 13Reserved
Chapter 14Cosmetic Art Examiners
Chapter 15Reserved
Chapter 16Dental Examiners
Chapter 17Dietetics, Nutrition
Chapter 18Electrical Contractors
Chapter 19Electrolysis Examiners
Chapter 20Foresters
Chapter 21Geologists
Chapter 22Hearing Aid Dealers and Fitters
Chapter 23Irrigation Contractors'
Chapter 24House Movers (Transferred)
Chapter 25Interpreter and Transliterator Board
Chapter 26Landscape Architects
Chapter 27Reserved
Chapter 28Landscape Contractors
Chapter 29Locksmith Licensing Board
Chapter 30Massage and Bodywork Therapy
Chapter 31Marriage and Family Therapy Licensure
Chapter 32North Carolina Medical Board
Chapter 33Midwifery Joint Committee
Chapter 34Funeral Service
Chapter 35Reserved
Chapter 36Nursing
Chapter 37Nursing Home Administrator
Chapter 38Occupational Therapy
Chapter 39On-Site Wastewater Contractors and Inspectors Certification
Chapter 40Opticians
Chapter 41Reserved
Chapter 42Optometry
Chapter 43Reserved
Chapter 44Osteopathic Examination (Repealed)
Chapter 45Pastoral Counselors, Fee-Based Practicing
Chapter 46Pharmacy
Chapter 47Reserved
Chapter 48Physical Therapy Examiners
Chapter 49Reserved
Chapter 50Plumbing, Heating and Fire Sprinkler Contractors
Chapter 51Reserved
Chapter 52Podiatry Examiners
Chapter 53Clinical Mental Health Counselors
Chapter 54Psychology
Chapter 55Reserved
Chapter 56Engineers and Surveyors
Chapter 57Appraisal Board
Chapter 58Real Estate Commission
Chapter 59Reserved
Chapter 60Refrigeration Contractors
Chapter 61Respiratory Care Board
Chapter 62Environmental Health Specialist Examiners
Chapter 63Social Work Certification
Chapter 64Speech and Language Pathologists and Audiologists
Chapter 65Recreational Therapy Licensure
Chapter 66Veterinary Medical Board
Chapter 67Reserved
Chapter 68Addictions Specialist Professional Practice Board
Chapter 69Soil Scientists
Chapter 70Water Well Contractor (Repealed)
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